GRLevel3 Local Radar

NEXRAD Radar KDMX status: Active [last data 0:04:45 h:m:s ago] as of Sat, 22-Feb-2020 7:30am CST

Message date: Fri, 21-Feb-2020 9:31am CST
KDMX WSR-88D radar will be out service for periodic maintenance inspections. Theradar is expected to be back by 1800 UTC. Adjacent radars: KOAX, KFSD, KMPX, KARX, KDVN, KEAX.==================

NWS WSR-88D Transmit/Receive Status

Radar Type

GRLevel3 radar from NWS station KDMX

The above image was produced by GRLevel3 software using NEXRAD Radar data from station KDMX.